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Enthusiasm for Top Results

To get really excellent results, we follow a precise internal operating procedure which we call "CIC standard" that provides an accurate service at every stage.

Durable & Sustainable Materials

To ensure timeless style, consistent comfort and durability, the materials for our shoe products are carefully hand-selected and processed. We work closely with our suppliers to select the most suitable and highest-quality materials. They are environmentally friendly and INTERTEK, SGS, and ITS certified.


Perfect Shape

Our designer shoes impress customers with a unique sense of style achieved by high-quality craftsmanship. Besides superior shoemaking techniques that are applied in production, a clear understanding of shoe design helps our professional fabricators craft shoes with an added aesthetic appeal.


Quality Control

There are two teams in our QC system, each with 20+ years of experience in shoe quality control. We inspect all finished products to verify their beauty and quality. Even the smallest details of the product will not be neglected. We make every effort to ensure a high enough quality standard.


Testing Lab

We have a wide range of comfort related tests and assessments to make a comprehensive evaluation of whole shoe comfort. For all products, our professional staff measures the outsole density and tests the color fastness and bonding strength, to make sure our casual shoes are durable and sustainable.


How Production Is Carried Out

We work side by side with 10+ leading shoe manufacturers in China. All these factories are equipped with advanced machines as well as a group of skillful craftsmen.
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