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Professionalism and enthusiasm are well reflected in every service we provide. We have established RHAPSODY in 2012 with a vison to get our shoes well known all over the world, and since then it has been recognized as a quality brand by an increasing number of competitors and customers across the globe.
With our comprehensive capabilities, we are able to propose concrete solutions by interpreting the desires of the market and the customer.

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The quality and creative vision inherent in our products give our customers a competitive advantage in the market today.


Top Picks For The Season

Even if you don't have any experience in shoe designing, no need to worry. New styles are available four times a year, seasonally.

The Power Of Originality

Creativity enables our designer shoes to stand out from the competition, and helps those who believe in us to succeed in markets that recognize the enduring charm of casual shoes.

Our shoes are products of a strong personality and passion, and these traits help create a unique and captivating presence.

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Talk to us, and we will offer you one-stop solutions on time and on budget.

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    First-class shoe designers create marketable new styles.

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    The sample will be developed and processed under the "tech pack" guidance.

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    Leading shoe manufacturers in China produce best-crafted shoes.

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    Finished products undergo a range of tests to ensure high quality.

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    An assortment of attractive packaging adds to the overall visual appeal.

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    Prompt shipment for short lead time and quick response to customer requests.

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