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Responsibility for Eco Sustainability

Implementing Eco Sustainability in our brand`s operations is no longer an option - it`s a necessity. The eco recycling logo does carry a lot of weight for us.

Our Mission

There are almost 70 million pairs of shoes produced per day. Sadly almost none of them are made of substantial material.These industrial trashes lead to more and more landfills. We are worried that our world mother is becoming weaker.
As a 100% vegan shoe brand, we are willing to take a step further, creating a recycled product line to contribute to a better world.
As a partner supplier of you, our esteemed customers and core value sharers, we hope you could join us.
It is a super cool thing to become a part of this impressive movements. Let us promote the eco hip together.

Material Explorations

UPPER made of recycled PETs

The process includes collecting, sorting, shredding, washing, melting, and pelletizing, then become filament yarn, which is the raw source to knit this high quality upper.


Based on the material (PU Foam, EVA, or Rubber), the performance of recycled material such as rebound compression deformation can be maintained without significant changes during use. It gives the material a second life.

Furthermore, we keep exploring biology-based material, which was turned into powdered charcoal, thus reducing the carbon emission. It is just the beginning.

Sustainable Packaging

We apply the sustainable packagings for this Eco Line.

The packaging is made from 80% recycled cardboard.
* Initial designing product packaging with less material and less printing.
* FSC Recycled labels identified of raw materials.
* By minimizing the production process, supply chain, and carbon footprint
* Creating a circular economy around the packaging, extending its lifecycle and usability.

From ‘1 - N’ Service

To make significant eco-friendly products, we are searching for our core suppliers to participant in this movement together. They are all with GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certificated. It is the most efficient and transparent system to track every element we applied for this ECO-LINE. With these mature and qualified supplier chains, we could apply in different cases with different recycled levels. DIY the unique GRS products for you! With the specific requirements, we could do an analysis and come back to you. We also need to monitor the functions as the substance shouldn`t be sacrificed for style.

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