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Design & Development

Research The Latest Trends

Why are our designers continually able to create 300+ new styles each season? The secret lies in keeping an eye on the market and fashion trends, which inspires and empowers us to come up with the most popular styles in your target markets.

The unique sense of style and enthusiasm in fashion prove conducive to analyzing the latest styles, and therefore open up the doors and windows to product designing.

Create New Designs

Top-notch shoe designers are ready to bring out fantastic designs and create personalized collections for your own brand.

When designing collections, our stylists need only a few steps: detailing the design briefs, sketching the soles and selecting the best ones as the latest styles, color rendering, and selecting suitable materials for new products.

Detailed Sample Processing

A group of experienced developers will take the drawings to the next phases: outsole tooling, reviewing, footwear construction considering, pattern mastering, and sample processing.

Our team of experts has an eye for detail. They make sure the material, design and appearance of each component, including the smallest ones like threads and eyelets go perfectly well with the whole shoe.

Ensure Consistent Comfort

Shoe experts examine, try on, and feel finished sample products as fitting or wearing test to help improve the wearing experience.

With our shoe last following the foot's natural curves to reduce common pressure points around the heel and mid-foot, we also make sure other parts of the shoe, such as material, sole, and the rest, offer 100% comfort.

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